English training in the UK for busy executives and key decision makers who are short of time for training. These short, flexible and highly intensive courses easily fit in with busy work schedules. Our 24/7 flexibility means you can book courses when it is convenient for you, weekends, holidays or any time of the year which suits you. To discuss your requirements & check for availability please email: info@sandown-heritage.com.


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What our clients say:

“Perfect organisation and totally personalized.”

“A great week of rich learning.”

“Excellent teachers, professional and pleasant.”

“No breaks just continuous immersion with a good mix between lessons and activities.”

“Very friendly and attentive team.”

“A perfect training, I achieved more fluency and learned exactly what I needed and what interested me.”

“A real British welcome, tea and cakes for the morning and afternoon breaks, good lunches and dinners with local specialities.”

Private, Executive English for Business & Industry, Government & Diplomacy

Effective Communication

for Success

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve success in the global marketplace by communicating effectively in English.

By enabling clients to use English precisely we aim to reduce the problems of ambiguity & misunderstanding, which can lead to confusion, resentment or even hostility.

We strive to enable our clients to promote goodwill and harmony in the global community by using English sensitively between individual speakers, organisations and nations.

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Executive English language training in England. Exclusive Micro-Immersion English Programmes for executives & professionals. Exclusive Micro-Immersion English Language Programmes for executives & professionals. Executive English language courses in England. Exclusive Micro-Immersion English language programmes for executives & professionals.

Premier Executive

Exclusive English Training

Individual Executive English language training in England. Exclusive short, highly intensive Micro-Immersion English Language Training for executives & professionals. Private Executive English language training in England for specific purposes, business & industry. Individual (1-1) Micro-Immersion English Programmes for executives & professionals.

Flexible English Language Programmes

for busy executives & professionals

Premier Executive Options

Daybreak - One Day Master Class / 10 hours

Overnight - 1½ Day Course / 18 hours

Excel - 2 Day Course / 30 hours

Excel Xtra - 1 Day Add-on Course / 15 hours

The Premier Executive suite of courses, Daybreak, Overnight & Excel are all designed to fit in with your busy work schedule and life. There are no fixed course dates so you have the flexibility to organise your training for a time that is convenient for you.

Each course is a highly intensive programme which is concentrated into a very short time-frame to allow you to integrate training into a weekend, a public holiday or whenever it suits you.

Each of the Premier Executive courses can be used in two distinct ways:

  1. As a single injection of concentrated training (a one-off course).

  1. As part of a continuing programme of English over a period of time. For example you may wish to take courses at regular intervals, weekly, monthly etc.

Your course is planned around your personal needs and requirements. You may wish to deal with a specific issue such as preparing for an important meeting or you may want to concentrate on English for a specific purpose or industry.  

To help us to design your course we conduct a needs analysis with you before you arrive in England, this includes a written form and a short telephone conversation.

There are no fixed dates for Premier Executive courses, you choose the dates which are convenient for you.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your training options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Course fees include: training, meals & refreshments, local transport as required for your course, hotel accommodation (Overnight & Excel), and airport pick-up/drop-off to and from Liverpool or Manchester Airport.

PLEASE NOTE: Course fees do not include travel to and from the UK.

Premier Executive Course Details & Prices