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What our clients say:

“Perfect organisation and totally personalized.”

“A great week of rich learning.”

“Excellent teachers, professional and pleasant.”

“No breaks just continuous immersion with a good mix between lessons and activities.”

“Very friendly and attentive team.”

“A perfect training, I achieved more fluency and learned exactly what I needed and what interested me.”

“A real British welcome, tea and cakes for the morning and afternoon breaks, good lunches and dinners with local specialities.”

English for Business, Industry & Diplomacy

Effective Communication

for Success

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve success in the global marketplace by communicating effectively in English.

By enabling clients to use English precisely we aim to reduce the problems of ambiguity & misunderstanding, which can lead to confusion, resentment or even hostility.

We strive to enable our clients to promote goodwill and harmony in the global community by using English sensitively between individual speakers, organisations and nations.

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Intensive English training in England. English for business, aerospace industry, airlines & transport. English for Business training programmes, intensive 1-1 courses for executives & professionals. Import / Export & Logistics English for Business,total immersion English courses in Britain. Automobile Industry & Engineering Intensive immersion English courses in England. English for Business, 1-1 programmes. English for Business, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries. Immersion English courses in England for executives & professionals.

English for Business

& Diplomacy

1-1 Immersion - English for Business, General English & English for Specific Purposes

English for Business & Personal Development

The two programmes, Premier Executive and Professional Fast-Track, are designed for executives, professionals, managers and individuals who are short of time for training. Both programmes can be tailor -made  for your needs, either general English, English for business and/or English for specific purposes.

There are a range of highly intensive training options from one day workshops to multiple week programmes.

The courses are designed to fit in with most people’s busy work schedules but if you cannot find a course to meet your particular requirements we will be happy to create a Bespoke solution for you or your organisation.

Premier Executive

These highly intensive micro-immersion courses, Daybreak, Overnight & Excel,  are designed for executives and professionals who are time poor and need a training option to fit in with their demanding work schedule and busy life.

The Premier Executive courses are private, tailor-made individual immersion programmes which provide ultimate flexibility with highly intensive training. The programmes are delivered through a blend of implicit and explicit teaching methods to develop natural processing and production of English.

The Premier Executive Programme is perfect for people with very limited time for training. The courses can be used in two distinct ways to provide substantial training and still fit into your busy work schedule.

  1. A single course can be taken to focus on particular issues.


  1. Several courses may be taken, at regular intervals, to form an ongoing programme of English language training.

For complete flexibility and convenience Premier Executive courses may be booked for any days or dates throughout the year, subject to availability.

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Professional Fast-Track

Express 45 & Professional Plus are English immersion courses for the professional who has a little more time available for training and wants the opportunity for substantial practice and in depth study.

The training is individual (1-1) and delivered through a blend of teaching methods designed to develop natural processing and production of English. The courses are customised to your particular needs so you focus on what is important for you.

Professional Fast-Track programmes start on Mondays and can be booked at any time of the year, for one or more weeks as required, subject to availability.

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Executives & Professionals

Fast-Track Talent

Diplomats & Politicians

Total immersion English courses in England. English for Diplomacy & Government. Executive English in England, exclusive immersion English programmes, private courses for executives & professionals. English for Business, Banking, Finance & Commerce

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